Silaturrahim Membawa Berkat

It has been a week since I came back home to Malaysia for good.During this period,I have received 3 prank calls after publishing my phone number in facebook.The first one is from a good friend of mine who acted as a Malaysian Airline Officer,the next one covering herself as Petronas Officer,and last but not the least,my own brother called me and acted as policeman who wanted to give me ‘saman’ without a valid reason.Very naughty!But alhamdulillah,the three of them failed to ‘kenakan’ me as I manage to discover and reveal their identity first before they went any further =P

In the mean time,there are also some of my friends and relatives who contacted me and wanted us to keep in touch again.In other words, we wanted to 'eratkan tali silaturrahim yang kian renggang setelah kepemergian saya ke UK’ for almost 2 years.And talking about silaturrahim,it reminds me of some of my reading recently;which is about upholding the ties of kinship as practising Muslim.

Pemberian bapak-bapak dari Dunkirk Jaya.Terima kasih.

Many verses in al Quran reiterate and affirm the position of arhaam(derives from the word rahm/kinship) in Islam,encouraging people to uphold the ties of kinship and instilling a strong sense of the importance of recognizing kinship rights,and warning against abusing them.One of these ayat is from Surah 4,verse 36.It says:

"Worship Allah,and join not any partners with Him;and do good-to parents,kinsfolk,orphans,those in need.Neighbours who are near,neighbours who are strangers,the companion by your side,the wayfarer(you meet)..."

There is actually a long conversation recorded in history between Roman Emperor Heraculius and Abu Sufyan,who is the Makkah leader at that time.When Heraculius asked Abu Sufyan, “What does your prophet order you to do?”Abu Sufyan answered, ”The Prophet tells us to worship Allah alone and do not associate anything with Him.Give up the religion of your forefathers.’He tells us to pray,to tell only truth,to be chaste and to uphold the ties of kinship,”In other words,Abu Sufyan is trying to put a distinctive features of Islam when the emperor tries to understand Islam for the very first time,which includes upholding the ties of kinshship.Therefore,upholding the ties of kinship is counted as one of the major characteristics of the religion,along with pure monotheistic belief in Allah,establishing prayers and adherence to truthfulness and chastity.

Meanwhile,another great sahabi,Abu Hurairah RA never liked to make supplication to Allah in a gathering in which a person who had broken the ties of kinship is present,because this would prevent the mercy from descending and the du’a from being answered.He once said,that he heard the prophet SAW say:

the deeds of the sons of Adams are shown to Allah every Thursday evening,night preceding Friday,and the deeds of the one who breaks the ties of kinship are not accepted.(Bukhari:al Adab al Mufrad)

So all Muslim who are sensitive and hoping to earn the pleasure of her Lord and attain salvation in the hereafter should be deeply shaken after hearing this news.

What makes the matter more interesting is when I got to know that Muslim will earn two rewards when she treats her relatives with kindness and respect:one reward for maintaining the relationship and another reward is for giving charity,if the Muslim is rich and can spend money on his/her relatives.Indeed,Muslim woman in particular(since I’m a woman,ehe..) who is truly guided by the Islamic teachings will not neglect to uphold the ties of kinship,and never lets the responsibilities of motherhood or the burden of caring for her house and husband distract her from always upholding these ties.She will organize her time wisely so that she may visit her relatives, following to Islamic teaching which regulates these relationships and ranks them based on priority and degree of closeness;starting with the mother,then moving on the father,then the other relatives,from the most closely related to others who are more distantly related.

Hence,the Prophet PBUH urged Muslim to uphold the ties of kinship even in the simplest of ways:

“Maintain your ties of kinship even it is merely with greeting(i.e. saying Assalamualaikum)”(al Bazzar from Ibn Abbas,as stated by Al Haythami in Kash al Astaar,2/373).

In Conclusion:

1.Muslim should understand the broad meaning of upholding the tie of kinship i.e any act of goodness that will increase human feelings of love,compassion and mutual support among those who are related to one another even just by giving the salam.

2.Buat apa gaduh-gaduh??Chill..~You’ll earn rewards from Allah,and will win the affection of your friends and relatives.

3.Kalau saya tak sempat contact and keep in touch dengan semua orang,minta maaf.Ingatkan saya jika lupa akan tanggungjawab ini.Please help me to walk the talk.

4.Rakan-rakan,please keep in touch.Jangan sombong-sombong kalau dah berjaya,sama ada dalam kariera atau rumahtangga.

5.Jangan malu dan segan kalau nak belanja Cik Intan if you want to strengthen our friendship/relationship.It’s always my pleasure.LOL.

6.Jangan kedekut nak belanja famili dan kawan-kawan juga.Rezeki itu milik Allah SWT,dan kongsilah rezeki tersebut bersama teman-teman yang lain khususnya mereka yang lebih memerlukan.

Ohh,especially to my beloved brother Mat D,Happy Birthday, and congratulations on your success in completing Certified Accounting Technician Qualification with flying colours.Memang kamu ni adik sayalah,huhu..(baca:saya bangga ada adik macam kamu)