Good Americans Stand Up For Muslim Woman

At first,I saw Imakubex posted this video in iluvislam,but I decided to watch it later since I have exams [I know,it's such a lame excuse..hehe!]

Second time,I received an email from a friend who suggested me to watch this video.And this time I really felt like watching it for sure. Alhamdulillah it only took 6.56 minutes of my life,yet it gave me good insights and impressions on these good-hearted Americans.This video almost brought me into tears =)

According to,discriminate means to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit; show partiality.I am so impressed and touched whenever I see people who fight for justice,and treat people with respect and dignity regardless of the differences in religion,skin colour,ethnicity,dresses/apparels and etc.And it's Allah the Almighty,who cultivate these feelings of justice,love,mercy and respect to the Americans that fought for the muslim woman's rights and dignity.There's a sahih hadith mentioned,which we can ponder upon:

Narrated Jarir bin Abdullah Al Bajaliyyi r.a. :The Prophet SAW said,"Whover is not merciful to others,will not be treated mercifully." (Sahih Al Bukhari)

So,let us look at the brief statistic again:

13 people stood up for the muslim woman
6 customers sided with the clerk i.e. support the notion of discrimination at the bakery
22 said or did absolutely nothing.It constitutes 53.66% of the customers,or in other words,these group of people won the majority!!

So,which group are we in??Are we the ones who like to keep things to ourselves and stay silent?Sedangkan we are capable of showing our stands and opinions on this matter..

Are we ready to defend the non Muslim,if they are being discriminated or being offended by the Muslim??

Or are we just like the clerk??Perhaps,we might still discriminate people dalam diam, tanpa sedar?Eg:orang yang kurang gemar akan nasyid,sebaliknya suka melayan lagu-lagu rock dan punk dianggap tidak layak untuk diletakkan thiqah [respek] padanya,orang yang pergi clubbing dan berpakaian sedikit seksi dianggap tidak mempunyai harapan untuk ditabiyah lalu dialienatedkan..Atau dalam konteks berjemaah pula,terdapat sesetengah diantara kita ini yang suka melabel seseorang dengan brand jemaah.Selepas itu,mereka ini lebih banyak mencari titik-titik perbezaan rather than titik persamaan yang akan menimbulkan persefahaman dan permuafakatan.

Mengikut interpretation saya yang tidaklah merujuk kepada the latest edition of Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka ,diskriminasi berlaku apabila someone itu terlalu rigid,felt threatened dan sukar untuk berlapang dada dalam sesuatu perkara.Mereka mencipta barrier within themselves dan memberi layanan yang berbeza kepada those yang dianggap tidak sekumpulan dengan mereka.Mungkin interpretasi ini a bit misleading,but we definitely need to find for the equilibrium and generate synergy to make Islam move forward,aren't we?Belajarlah untuk berhusnuzon [bersangka baik] dan siasat sesuatu perkara thoroughly before we jump into the conclusion straight away.InshaAllah,sama-sama kita improve dalam soal ini =D

Last but certainly not the least,tepuklah dada,buka minda dan tanya iman masing-masing..dimanakah kita sekarang??

Ps:Some concerned Nottingham University's students and staffs menganjurkan demonstrasi aman berkenaan racism dan academic freedom di hadapan Hallward Library harini.Perhimpunan tersebut dianjurkan atas sebab tuduhan "terrorism" terhadap seorang staff dan seorg student Notts yang memiliki materials berkenaan terrorism walhal,it is actually for research purposes.

Poster untuk demonstration

Give Yourself A Break

My head feels like exploding!Oh well,probably due to lack of sleep - study last minute katakan,ehe..I’m trying very hard on writing new entries,but somehow I don’t get any inspiration or motivation at all.Sedihnya =(

So I decided to post these videos,for the sake of updating my blog.Sorry peeps,I’m draining out of ideas recently.In addition,I haven't update with the current issues for quite some time already.Too obsessed into the world of exams perhaps?Yea,right!!

But anyway,hope these videos will light up your days.Keep smiling,and jangan lupa solat di awal waktu..hehe~

Ps:See if you can guess what does these videos have in common??

I will take the fights..

Esok will be the start of my 4-killing-papers in a row.I felt a lil bit depressed now for certain reason.But nevermind,it's good to get pressurized sometimes to keep your brain working.But in some way,I have to lift back my spirit and focus on my study now.But how??

Well,this Palestine video has always inspiring me.It reminds me that I'm not in the toughest position to make decision or facing huge ordeals like them now.I still can enjoy plenty of nice food,clean water,medication,clothes,shelter and etc.It's more than enough,as all my basic necessities are fulfilled.

This video also conveys a message telling me that I shouldn't have time to feel sad and depressed for trivial matters.There are so many work that needs to be performed to help them out.Apetah lagi, Hari Nakbah baru je usai beberapa hari yang lepas.

Hurmm,baik2,saya akan berusaha!I'll get back to my work now.Hait~ [huh,tak matured2 lagi intan ni]

Miss X,Please Be Strong!!

X: salam
X: intan, ayh sy dh kmbali ke rahmatullah..hrp dpt tlg sdkhkn al-fatihah n doakn arwah ayh..tq
sis nadia: salam
sis nadia: X,im so sorry to hear that
sis nadia: inshA intan doakan dia sama
sis nadia: awk katne ni X?
X: newcastle
sis nadia: r u alrite?
X: dpt tau brita ni 1 hour bfore msuk exm on 13/5
X: x leh blk sbb ade 1 more paper
sis nadia: yeke
sis nadia: X,be strong k..i know u r,inshaA
sis nadia: erm,bila abis exam?r u going back to m'sia?
sis nadia: sori if i ask too much
X: 20/5
X: tp,mak srh tnggu dpt result,in july br blk
X: thts my dad's wish..kne dptkn degree dlu
sis nadia: erm
sis nadia: ic
sis nadia: if u think it's necessary,then grant his wish
X: insyaAllah..i'll hope if u cud make doa tht Allah will gv me n fmly strength 2 face ths huge ordeal
sis nadia: inshaA
sis nadia: I will
sis nadia: u n ur famili kena be strong k
sis nadia: especially u
sis nadia: being in the middle of the exam
sis nadia: who knows,this patience is the door that leads u to paradise
X: insyaAllah..

I just chatted with a friend of mine through YM,whom I'll not mentioned her name here to keep her privacy.Really feel sad and sorry for her atas dugaan yang baru sahaja menimpanya recently - losing a father permanently.I truly hope X and her family be patient and stay strong in dealing with this trial.I really do.Harap kawan-kawan sudi sedekahkan al Fatihah dan doakan saudara kita ini diberi kekuatan yang berterusan dariNya.Buat baik dibalas baik,itu janji Allah SWT =)

Narrated Jabir that he heard Allah’s Messenger saying, “Every good deed is charity.” (Al-Bukhari)

What I would like to highlight here is,this is one of the things that you have to consider before coming to oversea.Don't think being in overseas is glamorous,fun,and exciting sampai you forget about things which can happen back in Malaysia.Put yourself in her shoes now,how wud u feel??Maka,belajarlah rajin-rajin ye,termasukla orang yang menulis ni jugak.And OMG,she's going to get her degree in this July!!which makes me even sadder since her Dad wouldn't be able to turn up on her graduation day and show his proud face,huu~Kuatkan semangatmu Miss X!!Allah bersama orang-orang yang sabar[I know everyone will tell you this again and again,yet we're not in your position,sigh~].

Apa-apapun,Intan doakan Miss X akan bertemu dengan ayahandanya kembali di syurga nanti,inshaAllah..

Teringat pesan seorang sahabat:

"Lagi manusia meninggal,tapi belum sampai giliran kita.."

This, includes the Earthquakes in China [50 000 people estimated to have killed and nearly 5 million people are homeless!] and the Cyclone Nargis in Burma/Myanmar [80 000 killed].

Hurm,marilah kita sama-sama berfikir dan bermuhasabah sejenak.Astaghfirullahal'azim..

My Exam Schedule

Below are the details of my Final Exam:

12/5 : Marketing Strategy - 1.30 pm

20/5 : Tech & Organization - 1.30 pm

21/5 : Econs of Biz Decision - 9.00 am

22/5 : Econs of Pricing & Dec Making - 4.30 pm

23/5 : Managing Tourism and Environment - 1.30 pm

30/5 : Org & Managing In Practice - 1.30 pm

Satu paper dah beres,alhamdulillah!Seperti biasa,paper marketing kali ini turut menuntut Cik Intan untuk "menggoreng sesedap mungkin" demi menjamin kelangsungan pembelajarannya di bumi UK,haha!Tak senonoh betul,but I guess,paper Marketing Strategy tu quite OK la kot.

Well,my friend,this menggoreng thingy is not a thing to be proud of la.Coz it's like a signal showing that I'm not fully prepared for the exam(again!).Even though I think I didn't do well enough for this marketing paper,I'm still happy for the fact that my writing has improved in terms of referencing the essays.It seems that I did take note from my mistakes during the last exams,whereby I wrote essays without mentioning the authors and the year when the information is published.Bajet cam each and every points tu come from myself,sedangkan they are other people's idea,hehe!So business people,take note on this matter yer.PROPER referencing is very-very important in academic writings,especially kalau anda tidak mahu dikenakan tindakan plagiarism and wants to score in your exams.

Dear Adham,Hasi-chan,Hazwan and Yussamir,thank you for your prayer and support!I'm so glad to have good friends around me even we only met in the virtual reality!I believe that this is Allah's mercy on me.So,in order to show my appreciation,I present u a photo of flowers in bouquet sebab kalau nak post kat korang,mahal banget postagenya.Jadila eh??haha~

Psssttt,sweet tak??=P

Mesej Surah Yusuf

Fuhhh,my internet is back,alhamdulillah!!2,3 hari ini internet di Perkampungan Riverside Point asyik down je memanjang,dan menyebabkan banyak urusan duniawi kami tertangguh,hehe!!

Tergerak hati nak menulis entri ini setelah menghadiri circle yang dianjurkan oleh Islamic Society di Univ of Nottingham setiap minggu.Circle ini diconduct oleh Sister Fulla,seorang wanita Algeria yang amat saya kagumi dan hormati bukan hanya kerana ketinggian ilmunya dalam Islamic knowledge,tetapi Sister Fulla merupakan seorang yang sangat pandai mengupas ayat-ayat al-Quran dan bercerita tentang sesuatu dengan sangat detail.Honestly,she manages to sparks interest in me on how truthful and interesting this holy book is.Praise to Allah SWT the Almighty, kerana Dia yang berkuasa membukakan hati saya dan memberi saya peluang untuk beroleh ilmu dari Sister Fulla.

Semalam kami mengupas serba sedikit kisah prophet Joseph,or Nabi Yusuf 'alaihissalam.Sebelum ke circle,saya sebenarnya sudah membuat sedikit preparation yakni dengan membaca surah tersebut terlebih dahulu to revise and get the whole picture of the story.Malangnya saya tidak mendapat ilham,kenapa Allah SWT menurunkan Surah Yusuf kepada kita??I don't get it...saya tidak nampak its messages!Risau,memikirkan selama ini ada sahaja idea comes into my mind when I try to interprete any ayah from any surah.But this time,it seems the other way around..

"Sungguh,dalam (kisah) Yusuf dan saudaran-saudaranya terdapat tanda-tanda(kekuasaan Allah) bagi orang yang bertanya." (12:7)

Cuak!!Kenapa saya tidak nampak tanda-tanda tersebut??Ngeee..

But alhamdulillah,akhirnya saya mendapat sedikit pencerahan setelah menghadiri circle semalam.Mengikut Sister Fulla,al Quran ini dibahagikan mengikut segment dan theme yang tersendiri untuk dijadikan pengajaran kepada pembacanya.It's like a story book yang diindahkan dengan literature Arab yang tinggi dan mendalam maksudnya.According to Tafsir Ibn Kathir itu sendiri:

"The Arabic language is the most eloquent, plain, deep and expressive of the meanings that might arise in one's mind. Therefore, the most honorable Book, was revealed in the most honorable language, to the most honorable Prophet and Messenger , delivered by the most honorable angel, in the most honorable land on earth, and its revelation started during the most honorable month of the year, Ramadan. Therefore, the Qur'an is perfect in every respect."(12:2)

Sister Fullah further explains that the theme brought by Surah Yusuf is various trials yang diturunkan kepada Allah for the believers.I was..hurmmm,wowww,ok...I never thouught of that!!

Surah Yusuf ini juga diturunkan ketika zaman boikot di Mekah,in the year of Sorrow whereby Rasulullah SAW kehilangan 2 insan yang paling dikasihi dalam hidupnya yakni Saidatina Khadijah,isteri pertamanya dan juga bapa saudaranya,Abu Talib.Surah ini diturunkan bagi menguatkan semangat Rasulullah SAW dan umat Islam pada zaman tersebut.Diwahyukan Allah akan kisah Nabi Yusuf yang duji secara berterusan namun beliau tetap bersabar dan meletakkan setiap pergantungannya kepada Allah SWT.Nabi Yusuf bukan sahaja dianiaya oleh adik-beradiknya yang dengkikan perhubungan baiknya dengan bapanya,Nabi Ya'kub,malah dia turut diuji dengan perasaan takut apabila dijual dan dijadikan hamba ketika beliau masih kecil,sedih kerana terpaksa berjauhan dengan orang yang dikasihi(Prophet Jacob),being imprisoned,temptation through desire and many other trials.

Setelah diterangkan oleh Sister Fulla,I found that this surah can teach us a lot of things..and it somehow has a very close link to our life once u have understood its context clearly.Antara ibrah yang boleh diambil dan direnungkah bersama dari surah tersebut ialah:

  • Dialogues between adults and children are important.See verse 4-5,when Yusuf refers to Nabi Ya'kub when he has a problem.Pada zaman Nabi Yusuf ni,the people really believe in dreams and it is part of their culture..kerana itulah Allah SWT berikan mukjizat yang berupa ilmu mentafsirkan mimpi kepadanya.The same thing goes to Musa 'Alaihissalam,zamannya adalah zaman magic/ilmu hitam/sihir/ilusi optik or whatever u name it.Sebab itu dapat mukjizat tongkat jadi ular yang memakan ular-ular ahli sihir yang lain.Meanwhile,zaman Jesus adalah zaman yang mementingkan medication dan zaman Nabi Muhammad SAW,orang-orang pada zaman tersebut sangat mengagungkan poetry..maka diberikan Rasulullah al-Quran sebagai salah satu mukjizat agung untuk membantunya.The challenge to create satu surah semisal al Quran is still open until now,but definitely nobody succeed..

  • Sex education can be taught but must be presented in modest way.This shows that awareness of sex education is not totally neglected in Islam.Bermula dari ayat yang ke 23.I think almost everyone knows about kisah Nabi Yusuf digoda Zulaikha.But what shocks me out is that I overlooked perkataan Al-Abwab i.e. pintu-pintu dalam verse 23.Betapa dasyatnya Nabi Yusuf digoda sampaikan setiap pintu-pintu rumah itu ditutup bagi menghalang Nabi Yusuf melarikan diri.I don't know how does this would affect you guys,but his test affects me so much.If I were in his shoes,I would be completely scared,panicking...or maybe lose hope!(sigh)

  • Wouldn't it be so hurtful if your siblings pakat-pakat do something bad on you,sedangkan you are not at all guilty.Dan boleh pulak adik-beradik Nabi Yusuf ini berkompromi untuk membunuh Nabi Yusuf dan kemudian fikir can repent later.Dah misleading sangat konsep taubat mereka ni..Moreover,this supports lagu "Iman Mutiara" by Raihan,whereby Iman is not inherited..but you need to search for hidayah and practising Islam to build this Iman.Buktinya sudah jelas;Nabi Yusuf dan adik-beradiknya adalah keturunan Nabi Ya'kub,who is the son of Nabi Ishak,anaknya Nabi Ibrahim.Mereka dari keturunan yang baik-baik!But adik beradik Nabi Yusuf still backstep him kerana cemburukan kasih sayang ayah mereka yang tampak lebih kepada Nabi Yusuf.In conclusion,we are all human being and we'll go astray kalau terpedaya dengan tipu muslihat syaitan..Let's be careful and be more alert with every sin that we have committed yea??

Alamak...banyak pulak cakap.Walhal exam dah 12 May ni,hahaha!!Selamat berexam semua!!Jangan lupa,ujian Nabi Yusuf lagi hebat dan dahsyat compared dengan ujian yang kita hadapi sekarang.Jangan lemah semangat ye =)