Katakan Tak Nak Pada Rokok

When I was leisuring around,watching television at home;there's this one advertisement by Kementerian Menterian Kesihatan Malaysia managed to catch my attention.A heart wrenching Anti Smoking Campaign that almost send me into tears:

According to statistic,smoking contributes to more than 10 000 deaths per year,30% of them are due to 10 types of cancer including 'barah paru-paru,mulut, esofagus, tekak, pankreas, pundi kencing, buah pinggang, serviks, kolon dan perut',and 50% of the deaths are caused by the stroke and heart failure.

Regarding Dr Sallehudin(I'm not sure who he is unfortunately),more than 100 000 smokers are sent to the hospital around Malaysia,and what's more;the government are losing approximately RM 20 BILLION due to the cost treatment and productivity loss annually.

cigarette vending machine in German.

I hope everyone understand this message and realize that smoking does not make us look cool,sexier or even better than other people.Instead,smoking DESTROYS our lives!And this Ramadhan,can be a good start for all of us to start a new life afresh,towards a healthier life without cigarette/tobacco :-)

“Bukan dari golongan kita, siapa yang menyerupai orang yang bukan dari kita. Jangan mengikut-ikut kaum Yahudi dan Nashrani” (At-Termidzi)

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armouris,thank you for the additional info.have a delightful ramadhan :)